Whatever type of  relaxation and stress reduction you are looking for we have it covered- Our in House complementary Therapist Becca is on hand to help.


An ancient technique based on the idea that the feet are a map of the body. Thumb pressure is applies to various pressure points on the feet to release any blockages in that area. The therapist will be able to tell which part of the body that corresponds to . a great way to balance the whole body, helping to achieve optimum health. Great for detox and the immune system when used on a regular basis.

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage with Facial Pressure Points

A relaxing luxurious massage with a specialised individual blend of oils for your skin. a lighter ouch massage for pure relaxation.

Indian Head Massage

An invigorating massage of the neck, shoulders, arms, head and facial areas, using pressure point techniques and medium to deep pressure to target the areas of tension. Often done in sitting.

Swedish Massage

A massage that aims to relieve muscular tension. Medium pressure for those that want some relaxation but muscle relaxation also.

Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

An all over great massage for relieving tense muscles aches and pains. Great for those doing a lot of sport or have tension due to stress and work. Deep pressure using elbow and forearm techniques.

Hot Stone Massage 

Warm hot stones ( to the temperature of a hot bath) are hand held by the therapist and used to massage the body to completely reduce stress levels and loosen muscles.

Hot Bamboo Massage

Not quite as hot as hot stones but warm enough to give that added relaxation to the massage treatment. Bamboo sticks are used to knead tension in the muscles. A deeper pressure will be felt that with the Hot Stones.

Hopi Ear Candles

A technique using waxed paper that is held in the ear and helps to loosen the build up of wax. Great for those suffering with symptoms of hay-fever / sinus issues as it release congestion in the ear nose and throat.

Pregnancy Massage 

A safe treatment for the pregnant lady to enjoy from 13 weeks gestation up until birth. A light to medium pressure is applied whilst you lie on your side. Your back, arms,legs , head and outer feet will be worked on along with the baby bump if desired. Massage has a great calming affect on both the baby and mother.

Crystal Healing

The therapist will identify which areas of the body are out of sync and Chakra Crystals are applied to your full body to help balance the body's energy. the therapist is working on the areas to shift any negative energy throughout the treatment.

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