Engaging with Occupational Therapy can help you to understand who you are and what you need to do to be fulfilled despite illness or disability. This means you are able to turn Chronic Illness into something you are living with not fighting against.

Our OT Jasmin has experience of working with the chronically ill / terminal patient. She has a wealth of skills to help guide you with lifestyle management. 

  • Energy Management
  • Goal setting
  • Anxiety management
  • Identity Realisation
  • Sleep Strategy
  • Assertiveness and Boundaries Awareness
  • Working collaboratively with an Occupational Therapist can help you 
  • Effectively manage symptoms
  • Live a more meaningful life
  • Gain confidence
  • Build and maintain strong relationships
  • Improve your overall sense of well being
  • Regain a sense of purpose

To find out how Jasmin can help you call 01942 321235