Since 2013, we have been proud associate sponsors of the Wigan 10K. every September; which has given us a platform from which to raise funds for our chosen charity if FORME  reg no. 1045005
We have been providing pre and post race massages for the runners at the charity run organised by the Charity Joining Jack. Over the years our efforts have grown from providing massages and ice bucket for the weary legs and feet, to providing entertainment for children and spectators. This includes our Minion Mascot, prize raffle, tombola and lucky dip stall, face painting and face glitter as well as dressing up as our favourite superheroes.
Every year, we also enter a team into the event to increase awareness and funds for the charity. Since the addition of the Wigan Half Marathon / 10 mile and 5k events in March every year, we have extended our efforts to cover these events too.
To date we have raised over £24,000.00 for FORME and given much valued support for Joining Jack.
If you would like to support our efforts and wish to donate, please follow the link to our charity fundraising page.

Myalgicencephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is a neuro inflammatory condition that presents predominantly with on going fatigue, muscle and joint aches, cognitive dysfunction, memory issues, headaches and viral like symptoms such as sore throat and swollen glands, to name a few. It often presents following a viral like illness Post viral fatigue (PVFS) with symptoms persisting for more than 6 months. A distinguishing feature of ME/CFS is post exertional malaise ( PEM) whereby even gentle exertion can render the sufferer severely fatigued and incapacitated for days, weeks or months.
Unfortunately, this condition is often overlooked, misunderstood, misdiagnosed and poorly managed under the current NICE guidelines. Currently we are seeing a wave of Long Covid which presents with all the Hallmark features of ME/CFS
As a practice we are passionate about raising awareness and funds to support ongoing research into this debilitating condition. Practice Principal Sue Capstick has over 18 years’ experience of treating clients with this condition primarily with the Perrin Technique, acupuncture, pacing advise, nutrition and sleep hygiene education. Associate Physio Charlotte Barker has also trained as a Perrin Practitioner and has been working along side Sue since 2017.