There are many research studies that suggest that acupuncture may help in various areas relating to fertility, conception and pregnancy. We are firm believers that it really can work, especially as part of a coordinated medical/complementary approach, and that it contributes to our levels of success. Research has been conducted into its use in the following areas:

  • Regulating the menstrual cycle/ hormones
  • Helping to counteract stress levels
  • Improving blood circulation to the pelvic organs, including the ovaries and uterus
  • Helping to support ovulation dysfunction in some women
  • Helping to improve sperm health
  • Improvement of blood supply to the womb lining 
  • Improved egg quality

It’s clear that more well-designed and large prospective studies are needed into the use of acupuncture in supporting fertility before any substantive claims can be made. However, thousands of women and men who have it certainly believe they benefit from the treatment, not least because it helps them to feel proactive, relaxed, acknowledged and nurtured through what can be a very stressful time.

What to expect in an Acupuncture Session

In our experience, people are often slightly anxious on their first visit, especially if they have never had acupuncture before. The sensation you experience is quite personal, and can be experienced initially as dullness or tingling around the insertion site but this is often very pleasant. Once this feeling settles down you ease into a very restful state and making the session deeply relaxing and enjoyable.

We believe it’s important to make sure you are treated according to your own individual circumstances. On your first visit your acupuncturist will take  a full detailed history in order to take into consideration your symptom load, past medical history and lifestyle

Our Practice Principal Sue Capstick is the physiotherapist / acupuncturist that will support you on your fertility journey.

We have links with the local Fertility Centre - The Hewitt Centre based at Wrightington Hospital and he majority of our ladies are under the care of Mr P Harris and his team . We work alongside the treatment protocols used by Mr Harris or that of other consultants to ensure patient coordinated care. 

Acupuncture and Pregnancy

We see many women who suffer from pregnancy ailments seeking acupuncture for morning sickness, headaches, backache, sciatica and also for general well being during pregnancy.

Many women come and have regular sessions of acupuncture in the lead up to labour on a weekly basis. Our experience is that it can give them more energy and also help them to sleep. Some studies suggest that acupuncture in the lead-up to labour may help to relax the body and help the woman to have a better experience during labour. Reducing overall time spent in labour and amount of pain relief required. 

We also work with ladies struggling with symptoms of menstruation and/ or menopause and conditions such as polycystic ovaries PCOS / endometriosis/ irregular periods.

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