Due to the mechanism of road traffic accidents, the majority of patients suffer with injuries to their neck which is classed a ‘Whiplash Associated Disorder’. Whiplash associated disorder involves a sudden change in movement to the cervical spine, causing excessive extension and flexion, injuring the facet joints and ligaments at the spine.

Whiplash Treatment Physiotherapy

As a consequence the muscles over the injured area tighten up to protect the spine. This causes overactive trigger points in the muscle and reduced movement and pain to the cervical spine. The pain will be characterized as neck pain and/or headache which affects the individual on a daily basis. Symptoms can typically persist for longer than 6 months, however it is important to speak with a physiotherapist early for advice on how to treat the neck pain and receive hands on treatment. If, following the road traffic accident you suffer from prolonged dizziness, feinting or problems with your speech, swallow or vision, you need to speak to a doctor as soon as possible.

At The Bridgeman Centre the physiotherapists use a large number of different treatment methods to treat injuries post road traffic accidents. Theses treatment methods include soft tissue massage, acupuncture, exercise prescription, joint mobilisations, joint manipulations, stretching

We often see people who have been involved in a road traffic collision who have their treatment funded through the insurance companies as an ongoing part of their claim, you can discuss this with your solicitor.

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