What are the health benefits of Yoga?

Yoga can help you to improve the strength of your muscles and bones and can increase your flexibility and balance. It is a low impact way of increasing the amount of physical activity you do. 

There’s some evidence that regular yoga practice is beneficial for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, aches and pains – including lower back pain – depression and stress

The top floor of the clinic is home to the The Den yoga studio run by
Tiffany Whitter. Tiffany is a yoga instructor who is passionate about helping people of all abilities to get onto the mat and experience the health benefits that Yoga can bring. She works closely with the physios if any of our patients need a more tailored approach and can provide 1-2-1 sessions. Classes are open to all level and abilities Think you’re not bendy enough for yoga ? This is a little like saying I’m not going to take that Spanish night class because I cant speak Spanish. So come along and reap the benefits that yoga has to offer.